With more retailers fighting for their fair share of consumers’ wallets, nowadays getting them to convert is even more challenging. Permission-based email marketing still offers higher ROI than other marketing channel efforts, so it’s important to speak directly to your audience through relevant messaging.

Knowing your customers and how they comprise your list is key to sending relevant content through personalized messages leading to higher engagement, better deliverability of your emails and ISP relationships. Studies have shown that segmented messages (versus non-differentiated messages) on average score better on most if not all success measurements, with 30% more opens and 50% higher CTR.

Relevant messages decrease noise and increase engagement. With savvy segmentation, you can maximize ROI of your deployments.

Here are 10 tips on segmenting your email list:

Tip 1: Recent Purchasers

Here’s a good opportunity to send dynamic emails offering other products related to their recent purchase(s).

Tip 2: Recent Visitors –

This is a good way to speak to cyclical buyers. Monitoring when they purchase and reaching out to them when your brand is top of mind is simply smart marketing.

Tip 3: Frequent Purchasers –

These are your bread-and-butter customers and require special attention. They are advocates for your brand and offering specials, gifts and early promotional “thank you’s” go a long way in keeping them part of the recurring stream of revenue.

Tip 4: New Subscribers –

Initial triggered, welcome and thank you email engagement establishes a one-on-one rapport with your customers. This is a strong tactic that leads to customer retention.

Tip 5: Brand Advocates –

Leveraging users who are happy with your brand is key to having them give referrals via social channels.

Tip 6: Demographics –

Segmenting your audience by age, gender and household makeup is another good way to connect with you customers and increase conversion opportunities.

Tip 7: Geography –

Very useful for location specific offers.

Tip 8: Email Behavior –

Monitoring open and click rates can offer key insights into buying behavior and maximizing engagement and conversions.

Tip 9: Types of Products Purchased –

Knowing what types of products your customers like to purchase gives additional insights into interests and helps with key product and service deployments.

Tip 10: Long-Time Customers –

Last, but not least, let these folks know that they are appreciated so they continue to be actively engaged with your messages.

Planning a good segmentation strategy is crucial and invaluable towards reaching your audience with relevant content, increasing opens and clicks, and maintaining good reputation scores with all the major ISPs.

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