Is Cyber Monday just another sale day with hype aimed at the herd mentality as some have claimed? Or is it becoming a much anticipated event for consumers and a highpoint for online marketers to strut their stuff?

We thought a quick snapshot of one of the biggest marketing weekends of the year was timely for email marketers. Here is recap of November 29th, 30th and December 1.

Campaigns with “Cyber Monday” in the subject line:

Day      Total Campaigns Mailed*    Campaigns with over a 30% open rate

29th              1245                                      12
30th             3874                                     25
1st                3163                                       15

Sunday and Monday (not always big days for email marketing) were the focus for marketers this year. This isn’t that big a surprise when you’re talking about Cyber Monday. We picked 3 top performing campaigns with open rates above 30% to feature here.



For the 29th – Oakley with this strong imagery – mailed to approximately 151k and an open rate of 43%. It’s a rather dramatic image and may even play well to their demographic which probably includes a sizable number of video gamers.



Tiger Direct

For Peak mailing day Sunday, Tiger Direct sent to 1.4 million and hit a 36% open rate. What Tiger Direct did right here was to give the discount as a starting point which is much more effective in our opinion than using language such as: “As high as 80% off.” Here you are letting customers know that their time is worth at least 25% off.



Ticket Network

And on actual Cyber Monday Ticket Network mailed to 303k and achieved a 31% open rate. Dollar amounts off seem to work better in general than percent off amounts. Again what TN is stating here is a clear incentive for you to spend time on their email.

So how did you do?

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