Alchemy Worx, the only digital marketing agency with a 100% focus on email, recently posted a blog on How the Obama campaign succeeded with low open rates. In it, CEO Dela Quist commented that “[eDataSource’s] impressive breadth and depth of reporting gave us everything we needed to find out what really made Obama’s email strategy so effective.” He pulled data from EDS Analyst to support his theory that “Obama would win because he was sending significantly more email to more people.”

His findings correlated higher sending volumes to more donations received from supporters, which ultimately helped Obama win the 2012 presidential election. Mr. Quist also refuted the effectiveness of higher open rates in this instance, noting that Romney’s open rates increased significantly during the final push towards election day while Obama’s open rates declined.

In conclusion, Mr. Quist writes “While relevance, engagement, creative, subject lines, testing and targeting all played a part in Obama’s success, they pale into insignificance when compared to the impact of reach, frequency and list size. And best of all? With email, you can optimize all of these at near-zero marginal cost.” He contends that this strategy also works in retail. “Hell yeah!” he responds.

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