Amazon Prime Day Email Activity

On 7/15, Amazon mailed several campaigns clearly and exclusively related to Prime Day.

  • Two campaigns with circulation quantities in the millions: yielded relatively low read rates (11-15%)
  • Two campaigns with circulation quantities of 300-600K: lower quantity drew 25% read rate
  • One campaign with circulation of only 54K: 42% read rate

Suggesting, as always, that the more targeted mailings get stronger engagement.

Of greater interest were Amazon’s pre-event mailings, mailed on July 7th and 10th. Those had reasonably large circulations, and very strong read rates.

Competitors would have been hard-pressed to pre-mail against someone else’s upcoming event.



Amazon pre-event creative example

July 10th Mailing Example (only partial mailing shown)

This message had a video-type widget which in fact took the reader to a special Amazon landing page explaining the event and listing specific event-related offers and deals.










Anecdotally . . .

Some Amazon subscribers may not have been notified of Prime Day, if the email preferences they’d set with Amazon excluded product categories being featured with the Prime Day campaigns.

It does appear that event results for Amazon may have been mixed

  • Generally negative reception on social media
  • Perception of tepid deals
  • Stock-outs
  • IT issues

What were others doing?

WalMart was also in the game on July 15th. Four event-driven mailings

  • Again the smaller circulations drew the better read rates

Note the direct dig in the fourth campaign


Best Buy was gunning for this event, too.
Two very large circulation mailings (28-29M), and two others in  the 3M range
Focused on technology, savings and free shipping,.  Note less than imposing read rates.



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