New information from our panel shows the reach of AAdvantage email campaigns and what they are doing with their partners.  Aadvantage started the year with a campaign urging members to ask their friends for spare miles.  The email contained a link to “Tell a friend you need miles!” This campaign was received by 1.28% percent of our email panelists starting on January 6.  This compares with a reach of 1.50% for the AAdvantage monthly statement.  This indicates that AAdvantage likely sent the campaign to a large percentage of its members.

The campaign had good inbox placement with Yahoo, getting in to the inbox vs. the spam folder for 98% of recipients.  For AOL and Gmail, however, the inbox placement percentage was lower at 89% and 88% respectively.

AAdvantage’s second major email campaign of the year was with Lifelock.  The campaign offered 4,500 upon enrolling in Lifelock’s identity protection.

This campaign was received by 0.34% of our email panelists starting on January 20, 2010.  Compared to the 1.50% of panelists who received mileage statements by email, and the ShareAA Miles campaign recipient percentage of 1.28%, this might indicate that the campaign was sent to a smaller user base.

The AAdvantage – Lifelock campaign had similar inbox placement characteristics as the Share AA Miles email campaign, with 98% inbox placement for Yahoo!, 94% inbox placement for Gmail and 88% inbox placement for AOL recipients.

AAdvantage finished the month with two campaigns in partnership with the Citibank AAdvantege credit cards.  These campaigns offered either 25,000 miles and a companion certificate or 30,000 miles with no companion certificate.  The 25,000 offer was received by 0.53% of our email panelists, and the 30,000 miles offer was received by 0.13% of our panelists indicating some form of segmentation of AAdvantage’s list.  Both email campaigns started on January 27.  Inbox placement for the 25,000 miles campaign was 97% for Yahoo, 97% for Gmail and 88% for AOL.  Inbox placement results were similar for the 30,000 miles campaign.


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