Email Data Source today announced the top email campaigns of March, 2010.  Email Data Source uses panel based reach data combined with its unique email monitoring and measuring capabilities to identify the largest email senders and analyze their email campaigns.

First Place: Apple – iPad is Coming.

At the top of the list was Apple’s campaign of March 12, announcing that the iPad was available for pre-order with an April 3 delivery date.  The campaign reached 14% of the Email Data Source panel of 300,000 AOL, Gmail and Yahoo users.  Given the enormous installed base of itunes and the number of mac, iphone and ipod users, it is no surprise that Apple has managed to assemble an enormous email list.  EDS estimates the iPad pre-order campaign reached 4.3 times the number of recipients of the second largest campaign for March (featured below).  Sample seed accounts show that the campaign was sent to users who had opted-in to receiving emails through the Apple Store, iphone and Mac Pro users, as well as business accounts.

The iPad campaign was sent from at least 10 dedicated IP addresses (indeed Apple seems to control the entire IP block starting with 17.254…) and these IP addresss have an excellent reputation according to’s Sender Score.  The campaign also made use of the PVIQ system to maximize deliverability.

The result was an inbox placement rate of 94% according to the Email Data Source panel, compared to an average inbox placement rate of 90% for all campaigns measured by the Email Data Source panel.  The inbox placement rate was also notably high for a campaign of this size.  Typically larger “blast” campaigns from a sender have a slightly lower inbox placement rate than segmented campaigns.  The average inbox placement for campaigns from was 95.3% in March for all campaigns, ranging from 65% for some Asian and European campaigns to 100% for more segmented US oriented campaigns.  The inbox placement for the iPad campaign ranged from 90% for AOL users to 97% for Gmail users.

Second Place: JC Penney

The second largest email campaign for March, as recorded by Email Data source, was from JC Penney.  Sent on March 7, the campaign featured the subject line “Check Out Spring Styles + Online Exclusive Savings and reached 3.3% of the Email Data Source panel.

The campaign had an inbox placement rate of 93%, ranging from 89% with AOl to 95% with Gmail users.

Third Place:

The third place campaign was not so much a campaign as it was a daily blast. Daily Horoscope regularly reaches 2.9% of Email Data Source’s panelists with an inbox placement rate of 93%

Fourth Place: Kohl’s

In Fourth Place was Koh’s promotion of a three day Easter Sale.  With a creative “Hop on In” subject line, the campaign reached 2.3% of EDS panelists and had an average inbox placement of 89.4%.  The “Hop” theme was also used by, CVS, Piperlime and Neiman Marcus.  The lower than average inbox placement is a suprise given the top sender score of Kohl’s ip address, but it is something that Kohl’s should track and investigate.

Fifth Place:  TripAdvisor

In Fifth Place for March was the TripAdvisor member update (with the not so catchy title “TripAdvisor Update” featuring Spring sales.  With a significant reach of 2.1%, the campaign had below average inbox placement of 83%.


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