Are high open rates holding you back? That’s the question posed by Dela Quist, CEO of Alchemy Worx, in his latest blog post. He uses data from EDS Analyst to examine whether there is an inverse relationship between open rates and total unique opens. And for most large email senders, the data does indeed support this “open rate paradox” – total opens decrease as open rates increase, and vice versa.

Knowing this fact, Quist insists on keeping it simple and defining three clear strategies: (1) list size, (2) increase send volume and (3) optimize for rates. Should you define your email marketing strategy by ignoring open rates? Are total opens the key to optimizing your program?

“Smart email marketing is not just a case of increasing send volume indiscriminately or of only focusing on ever tighter targeting,” Quist says. “There is a balance that exists for each brand, you just have to find your own sweet spot.”

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