Free trial of Consumer Inbox View for the first 50 responders.

We here at eDataSource are very excited about our newest product, Consumer Inbox View, so excited indeed that we have decided to give the first 50 responders to our posts and emails a free 2 week – no strings attached – test run of the report.

What does it do?

Consumer Inbox View is a daily alert / detailed report covering the emails you and your competitors sent the previous day. It shows you the campaigns sent by subject line and the actual inbox vs. spam delivery of these reports in real live inboxes by ISP. This is invaluable information that complements seed based reporting to help you really know where your emails are ending up. The report also gives you open rates and other analytics that would be helpful to benchmark your program “apples to apples” with your competitors.


How do I get it?

Email us, reply to our postings or tweets or give us a call. Again, there are no strings attached. All we need is the email address or addresses that you want us to send the report to and the 3 sending domains that are most important to you. These may be your brand and two competitors, three client companies of yours, your brand and unrelated benchmarking brands, or three of your own brands. Just get the three domains to us as quickly as you can because we are limiting this first offer to the first 50 respondents.

No involvement from IT or engineers and no strings attached! If you love the report we will continue to send it to you for $500 a month if your list size is estimated at less than 3 million total recipients and $1,000 if your list size is over 3 million total recipients. Current EDS Analyst clients receive a 50% discount.

Questions? Call us at 1 800 761 6580 or mail or Or reply to our postings or tweets.


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