What a great week it has been! New corporate digs, new team members and new clients! We’re busy and we like being busy! We’ve also been busy collecting and curating great content via Twitter! Here are this week’s best five online marketing posts!

Worldwide Smartphone Usage to Grow 25% in 2014

I like to say that when technology travels, everything changes and considering the growth of smartphones, alot is going to change in the next year or two. Brands which ignore the new realities of the mobile consumer do so at their own peril.

[Infographic] The Value of Video In Email

In 2000 The Internet Handbook predicted that multimedia would own the web once we had the bandwidth to support it and that bandwidth would continue to grow exponentially. While the bandwidth may not be growing that fast, it’s certainly at a point now where video should be content you also leveraging on multiple channels to support your brand.

Seven Killer Email Strategy Questions Every CEO Should Ask

You have to ask the right questions if you want the right answers! Tim Watson suggests seven you should be asking.

CASL’s Impact on Email Marketers

There’s been no small amount of hair pulling among email marketers over the incoming new Canadian Anti-Spam regulations. Matt Vernhout of Inbox Marketer, has been directly involved in this intiative and in this guest post for ClickZ, he spells out what you need to know.

60+ Events in Marketing, Media and More

It’s not easy keeping track of what events are going on and which ones you need to focus on. Mashable has listing of over 60, one or more of which you may want to be at.

That’s it for this week! Remember, today is Friday the 13th so make sure you don’t walk under any lattes today!

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