eDataSource Launches Ecommerce Monitoring Service.  Data Shows Walmart.com’s Average Order Size Nearly Triple that of Amazon.com; Amazon’s Digital Growth Outpaces iTunes.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

eDataSource, a leading provider of online competitive intelligence, officially launched its ecommerce monitoring service today. The service provides insights into sales trends at major online retailers and subscription services. For example, eDataSource has revealed substantially different product mixes and purchasing patterns between Amazon.com and Walmart.com. eDataSource has also shown a higher growth rate from Amazon’s digital content services than at iTunes.

As part of the launch of the ecommerce monitoring service, eDataSource has conducted detailed analyses of the sales and subscription rates at Amazon.com, Walmart.com, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Netflix, Staples, OfficeDepot, Gilt, Ideeli and others using anonymized data from more than 580,000 online purchase and subscription confirmations over the last six months. eDataSource is tracking similar data for more than one hundred leading companies in online retail, daily deal sites, apparel and travel.

“I never would have guessed that the average order value at Walmart.com is nearly triple that of Amazon.com,” said Carter Nicholas, CEO of eDataSource. “And I didn’t believe it until we looked into the product mix. It turns out that when people shop online at Walmart.com they are making bigger purchases, things like HDTV’s and laptops. At Amazon.com, total sales are more than 5 times Walmart’s online sales according to our data, but Walmart’s consumers are doing things like buying tires for their SUV and having them shipped to store. You can’t do that on Amazon.”

Walmart.com’s average order value excluding digital purchases is $124 and Amazon.com’s is $49, according to eDataSource’s monitoring service. For Walmart.com, the average order includes 2.3 items, compared to 1.5 items on Amazon.com. For competitors Gilt and Ideeli, the respective average order values are $123 and $98, and for Staples and OfficeDepot, the respective average order values are $143 and $107.

eDataSource has utilized its proprietary email analytics capability and panel of 800,000 consumers to provide these unique insights into consumer purchasing trends. The insights are illustrative of eDataSource’s newly developed capability to track ecommerce trends across the industry.

“We are seeing increasing demand from a growing list of customers who are interested in obtaining the hard data and strategic analysis that allows them to grow market share in ecommerce. We are officially launching our new ecommerce monitoring services today to provide our customers with valuable competitive intelligence that allows them to benchmark performance and track market share at major ecommerce sites,” stated Nicholas.

eDataSource also analyzed purchase confirmations of digital goods as part of its analyses, revealing a substantially higher growth rate at Amazon than at iTunes. “The Kindle and considerable increases in the amount of content available through Amazon Instant Streaming is helping fuel growth in Amazon’s digital content sales,” commented Nicholas, “That being said, they haven’t taken the customer away from iTunes.” Amazon’s sales of digital goods saw a 21% increase from December 2011 to January 2012 according to eDataSource. This compared to 8.5% growth at iTunes and the Apple App Store over the same period. An examination of the overlap in customers, however, showed that the percentage of Amazon digital customers who also buy at iTunes has remained constant at 19% since the beginning of November.

About eDataSource
Founded in 2003, eDataSource (www.edatasource.com) is the worldwide leader in competitive intelligence for email, social media and ecommerce activity, based on active monitoring of more than 800,000 consumer inboxes and 9,000 brands. The company provides strategic analytics products and services for online marketers, publishers and their service providers.


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