If you have seen our home page over the last few days then you know that we will soon be releasing a new service providing EDS customers with panel data on the reach and inbox deliverability of email campaigns.  This new service will provide a new and unprecedented depth of competitive intelligence information for email marketers.

Our first foray into this area was a report we published in September of 2009, where we used sample panel data to compare the reach and inbox deliverability of Staples, Office Depot and Officemax.  We got great reactions from that report, and it was downloaded hundreds of times.

Since then, we have been fine tuning the service, and working on incorporating the data into Email Analyst.  Our panel has also grown in size to be greater than 250,000 email users.

Many of our current clients have previewed the data, and the feedback has been very encouraging.  It has confirmed that there is still a real lack of transparency into email marketing, especially compared to other forms of online media.  Whereas everyone from compete.com to alexa and comscore to Nielsen report in depth on website traffic, there is virtually no equivalent for email.  With this new service, we are making this type of information available for the first time.

Here are a few comments we have received from clients who have previewed the service:

“A core business proposition for Email Service Providers is improving deliverability.  Having an independent source for deliverability data on specific campaigns and major email marketers will show the importance of working with a top notch ESP” – ESP client

“This is a great move for EDS, this is data we need.  Thanks guys” – ESP client

“We’ve previously gotten information on deliverability at the ISP level, but getting sufficient data for inbox vs. spam folder deliverability has been a challenge.  I’m looking forward to receiving this information regularly” – Major Internet Retailer

“Being able to go in depth on segmentation strategies and see the comparative reach of segmented campaigns vs. ‘blasts’ will be very helpful” – Agency client

“This a great idea, and the ability to benchmark against competitors will be a great help.  Thanks for tackling this.” – Major Internet Retailer

More news, screen shots and examples of data will be appearing in our blog posts over the coming days, and expect our press release soon.  In the meantime, if you would like to pre-register for a demo, please contact us.


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