Introduction and Takeaways

•Most Cyber Monday activity began on Saturday of the post-Thanksgiving weekend.
•Starting on that day, we detect just over 3,000 Cyber Monday campaigns with read rates in excess of 10%. Of those:
• 22% had read rates in excess of 20% • 4% had read rates in excess of 30%
•In that small ‘highest-performance’ category with >30% read rates, Amazon deployed about 7% of those emails.
•As always, the best-performing emails are being deployed to relatively small and targeted percentages of the mailer’s file.
•Subject lines tend to be aggressively price-promotional. Those associated with the highest engagement levels are more likely also to reference specific merchandise categories being promoted.
•Based on a year-over-year analysis (next slide) of Black Friday and Cyber Monday volumes, deliverability and engagement levels, there is evidence that these events may be losing some appeal, at least within the tremendous email contact levels being generated.

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•We looked at both Black Friday and Cyber Monday themed emails for just Black Friday itself, versus the following weekend, and then Cyber Monday itself (the latter for Cyber Monday emails only), and then compared 2015 with 2014.• While the number of campaigns increased for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday events, actual send volumes decreased year-over-year, and overall deliverability and read rate performance also deteriorated, except for the read rates of Black Friday emails sent on Black Friday itself.


Urban Outfitters

•Date: 11/30
•Quantity: 42,000
•Read Rate: 36.84%
•Subject: FINAL HOURS | CYBER MONDAY | $50 OFF $150 OR $15 OFF $75
•Comment: There is very explicit and generous offer language in use here, along with a time limitation. Note use of a detailed map for store location,


•Date: 11/30
•Quantity: 27,000
•Read Rate: 44.44%
•Subject: Cyber Monday Buy More, Save More Event + Free Shipping
•Comment: This is one of the higher read rates we saw, driven by what is clearly a highly targeted audience. The ‘free-shipping’ reference may also have affected engagement.


•Date: 11/29
•Quantity: 42,000
•Read Rate: 71.43%
•Subject: Just for you: VIP early access to Cyber Monday
•Comment: This may be the highest read rate we’ve ever detected for a retail promotional email. The exclusivity reflected in the subject line, and associated tight targeting, clearly drove this very high engagement.


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