Since 2003, eDataSource has consistently and effectively provided competitive intelligence for digital marketing messaging.  Our EDS Analyst platform has become an invaluable source of data and analytics for our clients.  EDS is working tirelessly to enhance the platform and increase the amount of data that is monitored and analyzed every day.

On July 1st, 2011, eDataSource launched its newest feature for providing data and analytics: open rates.  As an industry standard, this metric is generally considered to be a measure of how many people on an email list open or view a particular email campaign delivered to their inboxes.

Open rates should act as your guide for knowing where you stand and as a way of measuring the trends on your email campaigns – speaking to the quality of your lists, recipient loyalty and the effectiveness of a campaign.  Now with this new addition to EDS Analyst, you can benchmark rates against your competition.

For the overall email market, Harte-Hanks Postfuture Index™ 2009-2010 found that open rates averaged 17% for 2010, down from a 2009 average of 26%.  Why?  With EDS Analyst, comparisons over time, between companies, and across segments can be analyzed using the tool that now includes open rates to determine the reasons for increases/decreases among different email campaigns. Of course the core benefit here is not just to check your own open rates but, to gain access to your competitors’ rates as well.

Are you ready to find out where your company lies vs. your competition?  Are you above or below the 17% benchmark?  Where are you relative to your competitors and others in similar market segments?  Who is achieving a higher open rate and what do their campaigns look like?  Does this user interaction correlate to the website traffic they are receiving?

eDataSource can help answer these questions with new open rate data.  It just might be the key to the success for your next email campaign or may even open the doorway to a long-term revelation for all of your campaigns!

Check out the press release to read more about this exciting time for eDataSource.

The open rates feature will be available to all eDataSource subscribers as part of the EDS Analyst package. Please contact sales at 1.800.761.6580 or sign up for a demo.


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