We are pleased to announce that we have now incorporated competitive intelligence for Facebook into EDS Analyst.

eDataSource’s approach to Facebook is to focus on the marketing messages that achieve the highest level of reach and user interaction.  In addition, EDS indexes landing page and clickstream data.  This unique approach gives brands a complete picture of their competitors’ effectiveness on Facebook, including which messages are working best, full details of the offer via the landing page, and an understanding of partnerships through the clickstream data.  EDS Analyst organizes all the data by brand and market sector, and makes the data searchable by keyword and domain.

How it Works:

1.     eDataSource “likes” thousands of fan pages of major brands on Facebook.  This allows EDS Analyst to collect and analyze the full stream of status updates from these pages in an automated fashion.

2.  Each status update is reviewed to determine if there is a link to a web page.  Updates without links are discovered.  This allows EDS analyst users to cut through the clutter and focus on marketing offers.

3.  EDS Analyst “spiders” the links in the status updates, parsing and indexing the clickstream data.  This allows EDS Analyst users to “see through” shortened urls to see where the status updates are sending traffic.  The presence of affiliate links and tracking codes is also revealed.

4.  EDS Analyst records the landing page of each marketing message.  All the text on the landing page is indexed and the landing page is imaged and preserved in EDS Analyst.

5.  For each marketing message an interaction score is produced, based on the number of times the message is “liked” or commented on by a user, and weighted by the number of fans the page has.

  1.  6.     All marketing messages are organized by brand, company and market sector in EDS Analyst.  Additionally, the text of the status updates and landing pages are fully searchable, as is the clickstream data.

Examples of eDataSource’s unique approach to Facebook measurement and analysis:


  • Quickly find which brands in your market sector are using Facebook effectively
  • See Facebook activity juxtaposed with Email and Twitter campaigns, and compare activity to web traffic.
  • Access landing pages from prior campaigns that may no longer be online.
  • See what third parties are promoting competitors’ brands
  • Isolate advertising and affiliate network activity on Facebook (Example: show me all status updates where Commission Junction is present in the clickstream).

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