Now we can tell you YOUR email viewing length, what devices they opened on and even geographic placement, to state level- really cool and new from the leader in email performance data.

We launched a new service last week – we call it; Email Analyst -we can now report new data to you on your campaigns:
  •  duration emails are open
  •  exact devices open on
  •  geographic distribution  of your subscribers

See samples below — pretty cool stuff.

In order to track this data it does require tracking codes on your campaigns – we provide codes.
If this is something of interest we recommend you try it as our limited report offer.
For the first 5 marketers who sign up, we will report your actual campaign,  trending  between campaigns and analysis by John Landsmann, Director of Strategy and Analytics.
Our Standard fee will be discounted by 50% for this offer only.
We are working with 2 clients now on this.
This offer is Not limited to current EDS clients only.
Email to learn more.
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