Email Data Source has just released a new version of our flagship product, Email Analyst, which now includes the unique reach of any of the senders we track, organized by month, week, or day. For the first time, brands and publishers can do a direct side by side comparison of their relative list sizes and reach. The reach data is pulled from the EDS panel of over 600,000 active inboxes.

EDS is excited to be able to offer this data to the email marketing community for first time ever.

Below is a series of screen shots which show how the new data appears in the tool:

In the above image, we see senders listed by Monthly Unique Reach. As you can see, Apple Computer has the largest reach for the last 30 days. Clicking on the senders name reveals another level of detail, showing the individual lists from that sender:

And finally, by clicking on the “Details” link, we can see all the Apple email campaigns along with their Reach and the Inbox Delivery:


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