Nobody is sure just what to call it yet…I’ve heard “digital messaging”, “digital CRM” or even “social, the new wom”, but whatever you call the convergence of email, social media and mobile marketing, it is happening.  ESP’s are expanding to provide management of Twitter, Facebook, and SMS as well as email.  Agencies are bringing their email and social efforts under the same roof, and we also have been expanding our services.  In November of 2009 we added analytics for Twitter, and we have just announced our launch of Facebook analytics, both accompanying email within EDS Analyst, the most powerful competitive intelligence tool for competitive analysis in “digital messaging”.

For this reason, Email Data Source is changing to eDataSource, to more accurately reflect our breadth of coverage.  Our platform, originally built to collect, analyze and categorize email marketing messages has proved itself perfect for expanding to new forms of digital messaging, and you will be hearing about more service extensions during 2011!


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