At eDataSource we are constantly monitoring and analyzing what brands are doing with email marketing and we’ll be sharing the wealth of wisdom in “DataGrams” such as this. We tracked “Black Friday” campaigns between 11th and the 29th, 2013 and we think you’ll find Walmart’s approach at least interesting, if not inspirational.

Walmart's Black Friday EmailKey Competitive Observations:

  • 18 days of Black Friday promotion leading up to Black Friday
  • 16 Campaigns had “Black Friday” in the subject line – they also had creative template dedicated to black Friday theme
  • The list mailed ranged from 24 million to 26 million with the largest mailing of 35 million on Black Friday (29th)
  • Read-open performance ranged from a low 11% for 11.28 and high of 15% for 11.29
  • Walmart in the last 3 days to Black Friday mailed 2x day ( 27,28,29th) sending a total of almost 200 million emails in 72 hours

Top 3 subject lines for read/open:

  1. “Black Friday Specials are here”
  2. “Hot buys at Black Friday prices”
  3. “Black Friday starts now online”


Here is what you can do to make your Black Friday promotions stand out!

  • Have a promotion plan leading up to Black Friday – there is going to be a lot of noise and competition for the consumer attention – don’t get left behind
  • You can increase mailing frequency as the event draws closure – email is THE real-time marketing channel that can drive immediate traffic to sites and stores – leverage it
  • We didn’t see significant falloff with higher frequency mailing and read rates in the final 72 hour push


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