Many advertisers, especially those who use affiliate networks, are in the dark when it comes to knowing who their email distribution partners are.

Email Analyst provides transparency into who your email distribution partners are.  The below is a demonstration of how an advertiser can use Email Analyst identify its email distributors including those distributors who are picking up affililiate links.

We will use Best Buy as a sample advertiser.  Email Data Source’s spidering of email marketing campaigns shows all email campaigns that link in any way to, whether sent from Best Buy or from a third party.

A quick search therefore shows all the distribution partners for Best Buy.  Information which Best Buy may or may not be aware of.  To the right is the list of email distributors for Best Buy.  At the top of the list, with fifteen email campaigns in the last thirdy days linking to is CMJ Network, a publisher that comments on new music.  Other distributors on the list include several coupon sites, CNET and the Philadelphia Eagles.


As it turns out, many of these distribution partners are Commission Junction Affiliates, and the presence of links to Best Buy in their emails is because Best Buy participates in the Commission Junction Network.  Email Analyst determines this because it records the clickstream data of each link in an email campaign.  The clickstream data to the right shows how a link in a Shoping Guru email redirects through Commission Junction and sends traffic to  Best Buy is unlikely to know whether or not its Commission Junction affiliates are sending out emails with links to

Using Email Analyst, Best Buy can begin monitoring all email creatives that go out from its Commission Junction Affiliates.  This allows them to monitor the use of their brand in email marketing, gaining transparency into a medium that would otherwise remain opaque.


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