A recent comScore report measued the effectiveness of online campaigns at driving offline sales.  As a proxy for offline sales activity, the study looked at the spike in traffic to online store locators associated with specific online campaigns.

Using Email Analyst, we took a look at how and when email marketers incorporate links to online store locators as part of their email campaign strategy.

What we found is that top online retailers with a brick and mortar presence almost universally include a store locator link prominently placed at the top of their emails.  For example, in the office supplies category Officemax, Staples and Office Depot, all with online sales above $ 3 billion, each include store locator links in the upper right hand corner of all of their emails (see screen shots below).
As we began to look at second tier online retailers, even those with a significant brick and mortar presence, the consistency of inclusion and placement of the store locator link fell apart.  For example, Macy’s follows the practice of placing a store locator in the upper right corner, whereas Saks had no links to its store locator.  Yankee candle puts a store locator link at the top whereas Colonial Candle has no such link in its emails (see screen shots below).


Given the potential for driving offline sales from email marketing efforts and the fact that almost all the major retailers have adopted the strategy of placing store locators in their email marketing campaigns, it would seem that all companies with a significant brick and mortar presence should take advantage of this effective email marketing strategy.


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