Zale Corp
Rated #185 in the 2009 Internet Retailer 500 with $56,000,000 in 2008 Web Sales. 

Twitter Account: ZalesDiamondGal
Current Followers: 464
Follower Growth (last 30 days): 12%
Number of Influencers (last 30 days): 3
Top Influencer (last 30 days): @WicksnCandles

Average Reach of Twitter Offers (last 30 days): 510

Twitter Offer with Highest Reach (last 30 days): 1357 (June 5th, 2010): ”

wants to read about your Love Story! Share a special memory today.


Highest Reach since EDS has been tracking: 24,365 (11/18/2009): “

THX to everyone tweeting about The Shared Heart Collection Support @autismspeaks and #Zales this Holiday Season!


Zales promotes heavily in both the Email and Twitter channels. There is a close association between email/twitter promotions and traffic going to the Zales web site based on Alexa Web site traffic. Valentine’s Day promotions have been featured prominently in both Twitter and Email offers throughout January, 2010. Zales has averaged 13 Twitter campaigns in the last 30 days, often Twittering more than one a day. While the follower count and reach of the Twitter offers is relatively low when looking at the Retail sector in general, Zales leads in both Follower Count and Reach of Twitter messages in their category:  Jewelry and Watches.


Significantly, Zales achieved its highest reach (since we began tracking them) on November 18th, an offer that was retweeted 8 times and increased their average reach by over 4500%. The offer was in support of a charitable contribution to @AustismSpeaks.  It is clear that tying Twitter offers to worthy causes can dramatically increase the reach of the message and the number of times it is reTweeted.

Only Twitter offers containing a link to an offer page are monitored by EDS. Influencers are defined as those individuals who retweet the offer. Reach is defined as all the followers of the brand at the time of the Tweet, plus the total followers of everyone who retweeted the offer.

All Data is supplied by Email Data Source, through the EDS email and twitter monitoring tool, Email Analyst. To learn more, please go to or contact Bill McCloskey at, or call 212-514-8900.


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