Apple last week announced that 30 billion apps had been downloaded from the app store.  That’s a big number, but what does it mean?  Using eDataSource’s eCommerce monitoring service, we dug into what the leading sales categories are for Apple in the iTunes/AppStore juggernaut. 

To do this analysis we looked at more than 125,000 paid items downloaded since January from iTunes and looked at the type of item.

The results show that Apps have accounted for 46% of sales from iTunes so far this year.  This exceeds combined sales of songs and playlists which have accounted for 37% of sales year to date.  Movies and books have accounted for 8% and 5% of sales respectively.  Ringtones, subscriptions and other purchases have accounted for 4% of sales.


In terms of units sold, Apps represented 33.3% while songs and  playlists together have represented a majority of units at 57.3%.  Movies have represented 4.8% of units and books 1.5% of units.  Other categories have represented 2.5% of units sold year to date.

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