If you are an email service provider or agency interested in providing email competitive intelligence information directly to your clients, please take a moment to check out the first of our javascript widgets that are supported by our API.

We developed these widgets with the hope that agencies and ESP’s will integrate them in to their client dashboards, enabling email marketers to research best practices and get insights into competitor’s email campaigns as they go through the process of building their own campaigns.  We believe that integrating this information into the workflow will help email marketers improve their email campaigns.

We also made it very easy for partners to integrate these widgets.  The only steps required are to a) have an agreement with us, b) register for an API key, c) copy and paste the javascript code on to their own client facing website.

The first javascript widget allows users to search our entire database of email campaigns by keyword.  You can search the subject line, body text or both.  This is a great way to research good subject lines and also monitor mentions of your company or brand in email marketing.  In the screenshot below, I did a subject search for: 40% off and free shipping

The search returned 60+ email campaigns with that phrase in the subject line during the last two weeks.

To the left is a sample search result showing an email campaign from Steve Madden, with the sending domain and subject line.  Clicking on the thumbnail gives you the full email creative.

Coming soon: the domain search widget will allow you to search our database of email campaigns by sending domain or destination domain.


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