I’m pleased to announce that yesterday we added the ability to search the Redirect URL stream via our API for the 700,000+ email campaigns we collect each month.

Note for existing Email Analyst Users:
This functionality is already available in Email Analyst. A number of our API customers have been asking for this functionality and now it is live :)

Now you can enter an affiliate ID, offer ID or any other tracking code that maybe embedded in the Redirect URL stream (click-stream) and see any emails that match that criteria.

For example, if I use AFID to track all of my affiliates, I could enter AFID=5160 to see all of the emails in the Email Analyst system that match.

This is very handy for users who work with affiliate networks and need to monitor the emails or creative that a particular affiliate is using.

Additional documentation is available on our API site: http://developers.emaildatasource.com


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