I admit to being a data hound. I remember back in 2004 when we first over laid a brand’s website traffic and compared it to the days they sent email out. The connection between email and spikes in traffic was clear and apparent. The ability to monitor email marketing success stories from a competitive standpoint was finally possible.

My data jones has been re-awakened lately with some of the new data mining tools we’ve added to the Email Analyst product. A key new search feature is the ability to search the redirect stream for redirect domains. Suddenly all the relationships between ESP and their clients, Affiliate networks and their mailers, affiliates, and their offers, and the inter-relationships of competing affiliate networks working together to deliver leads to an offer are revealed for the first time.

This data helps ESP’s identify prospects, Affiliates identify partners and offers. And advertiser identify where middlemen may be employed without their knowledge to deliver leads to their offer page.

This new data will be the subject of future blog posts as I reveal and throw back the covers on the hidden part of email marketing.


Stay tuned.


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