The team at eDataSource is always working on optimization and new features based on our own development roadmap and your feedback — yes, unlike cross-walk buttons that “feedback button” really does work. We’ve just released some new enhnancements and fixes which we think you’ll love!

  • A client-focused UI facelift that makes navigation and use of the tool more intuitive and productive. For example, we have moved a number of the common used tab features to the top of the page as seen below:


  • Optimization and fixes (thank you for your feedback on these!), including an improved domain algorithm that more appropriately remembers the domains viewed as users move between Competitive Tracker (Analyst NextGen) and Inbox Tracker.
  • Performance enhancements to the sending domain page when switching between the tabs.
  • Real time status page. Users can subscribe to be automatically notified of planned and unplanned maintenance. We now also display current systems status in the tool itself.


If you have any questions on the changes, please ping us at

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