Our Inbox Tracker will be featured in ExactTarget’s HubExchange, an app marketplace for marketers by marketers, when it launches on July 15th.  Inbox Tracker is one of 40+ apps that will enable retailers to optimize their marketing strategies and efforts. Click here to find out more about HubExchange.


Inbox Tracker is a powerful web-based tool that allows marketers to monitor the inbox placement of their own email campaigns, and to benchmark inbox deliverability against their main competitors.  Get information on the inbox placement, deployment sizes and basic metrics of tens of thousands of sending domains spanning over 100 industries.


Once you enter a sending domain in the search bar, you will see the relative volume and inbox placement for the last 30 days and a sample of the most recent campaigns.


Detailed information for each sending domain includes:

  • Daily deployment volumes for the last 30 days
  • Overall breakdown of inbox versus spam folder delivery for the last 30 days
  • Daily breakdown of inbox versus spam folder delivery for the last 30 days
  • ISP breakdown (Gmail, Yahoo and AOL) for each campaign for the last 30 days


HubExchange Week will kick off on Monday, July 15th with five days of informational sessions to celebrate the launch of the HubExchange app marketplace. Register now to join ExactTarget in a virtual session “Introducing… HubExchange” that Monday at 11am ET.


If you can’t wait until then, please contact us now at sales@edatasource.com for more information and a detailed quote on Inbox Tracker.


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