Today I received an email campaign from Amazon, offering a chance to win a $1000 gift card if I signed up for their clothing store email list.  It made me wonder what was motivating them to grow theiir list in this way.  Could it be that Amazon lacks email firepower even while it is the top ranked Internet Retailer?  Using Email Analyst’s new panel data, I took a look at the reach of email campaigns from the top Internet Retailers and re-ranked them according to their email campaign reach.

Company      Email Reach Ranking     Internet Retailer Ranking
Apple                          1                                       5
Sears                          2                                       7
Amazon                      3                                       1
Dell                             4                                       3
Best Buy                     5                                       9
Staples                       6                                       2
OfficeDepot                7                                       4
Officemax                   8                                       6
NewEgg                     9                                       8
QVC                          10                                      10

Apple once again proves itself to be an email power house, with an enormous list built from itunes, mac and iphone users, and what is clearly a concerted effort to keep their users opted-in.  And you can see that Amazon is ranked third behind Sears.  Is Amazon making a concerted effort to get back on top?


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