The second javascript widget is now available through our API.  The “Domain” Widget allows for tracking of email campaigns by sending domain, meaning you can see all email campaigns in our database sent from a particular domain.  You can also use the Domain widget to find any instance of a website being linked to in an email campaign.

It is very easy to integrate these widgets into a dashboard.  Simply register for an API key, and copy and paste the javascript code into your website once you have an agreement in place with us.

In the example shown here, I used the sending domain search to find all campaigns sent from the sending domain “” over the last two weeks:

The search results give me the emails sent from JCrew’s sending domain, along with a thumbnail image and the subject line.  I can click on the thumbnail to get a full size image.  There were 10 campaigns for the last two weeks from JCrew.  A sample search result:

Alternatively, I can do a search for all email campaigns that link to  This will show campaigns from JCrew as well as campaigns from many other sources.

The search results show email campaigns from sheshe me as well as an article from that links back to JCrew.  The site domain search is a great way to monitor activity by partners as well as where your competitors are embedding their links in third party emails.

If you are interested in implementing the domain widget, please contact us.


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