Email marketers are busy people. Even in the largest corporations, there are resource issues which can make surveillance problematic. Email marketing deliverability optimization can be ever y bit as intimidating as trying to figure out today’s new cars – you can’t just kick the tires anymore.

To prove this isn’t an issue reserved only for small and medium companies, we looked at some major brands and without too much effort found three you’ll likely recognize which according to our data are having some inbox placement challenges. We’re not trying to call them out here. Our objective is simply to demonstrate that no matter how big you are, you can have inbox placement problems. These are overall inbox placement rates which are derived from the major platforms such as Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo and AOL.

Viking River Cruises
• Subject: Take the Grand European Tour on a Viking Longship
• Volume: 3.0M
• Inbox: 87.82%

Neiman Marcus
• Subject: Up to 65% OFF! Evening Dash
• Volume: 5.0M
• Inbox: 89.72%

• Subject: Warm Up to 25% Off
• Volume: 5.2M
• Inbox: 89.76%

Of course, this is a snapshot and again, we are not trying to single any brand out. What we’re trying to do here is demonstrate that deliverability doesn’t just take care of itself and any brand (big or small) can be negatively impacted by it, especially if they aren’t even aware there is a problem.

If you are monitoring deliverability effectively then you can work with your ESP, mange your list and optimize your campaigns to improve it – this is an ongoing responsibility. Email marketing is like owning anything; you have to take care of it daily. Even the most luxurious car you can buy will lose a wheel if you don’t do regular maintenance and tighten the nuts when loose.

Not many of us can tell what’s wrong with today’s cars by simply opening the hood and looking, but we know something is wrong when we see that engine light blink on our dashboard. If your deliverability monitoring isn’t that intuitive and easy to use, then you are leaving money on the table every time you deploy a campaign.

Inbox Tracker 2.0 is like one of those analyzers mecahnics use to diagnose complex cars, repair and optimize them. It’s a real-time solution which tracks your email marketing campaigns and lets you know if you have a problem so you can address it. Find out more about how Inbox Tracker 2.0 is revolutionizing email marketing deliverability!


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