Companies across all industries are using social media to create buzz and awareness and to generate higher levels of web reach and traffic.


Quick Tip for Brands – the social media world is competitive and getting increasingly crowded – include a link back to your brand’s website in Twitter tweets and Facebook posts to achieve greater web reach and increased traffic to your website.

eDataSource is presently following nearly 6,000 brands on Twitter and over 4,000 on Facebook.  With the use of EDS Analyst, a leading competitive intelligence tool, social media campaigns are constantly being monitored and data is being compiled. Through analysis of EDS Analyst data for the last 30 days, it can be surmised that two of the top brands based on high levels of Facebook use, Twitter use, and web reach are MTV and VH1.

The data shows that the main social media vehicle that these brands utilize is Twitter, followed by Facebook.   Both MTV and VH1 generally have success with their tweets being retweeted by other people that are following the brands on Twitter.


  • Over 1.5M followers on Twitter
  • About 40 times as many retweets over last 30 days as there were tweets

Reach is much more than just a brand’s Twitter followers. Tweets get retweeted!

We noticed that June 6th had a lot of social media activity for MTV.  On this day the most Facebook posts and
Twitter tweets had been made within the last 30 days.  This directly paralleled with their web reach per million.
From a sample of 1 million Internet users, 4,120 people visited that day.  The Facebook posts and Twitter tweets that generated the most likes, comments, and retweets on this day were about a sneak peek for ‘Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, Part 2′ and watching the new ‘Breaking Dawn’ trailer.



  • Over 225,000 followers on Twitter
  • About 10 times as many retweets over last 30 days as there were tweets

May 26 & 27th were high Facebook and Twitter volume days for VH1.  This resulted in the largest web reach monitored within the last 30 days for to be on May 30th, a few days after VH1 made substantial social media efforts. Many of the posts and tweets had to do with famous music artists and ‘American Idol’ appeared multiple times.

After all, the buzz starts with followers!  Once a brand is followed by many, they then can have their tweets being retweeted by many, and in turn reach more people that will visit their website.


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