Data from our new panel of 285,000 Yahoo, Gmail and AOL inboxes shows that spammers (email senders who pretend to be somebody else) successfully spoofed the New York Times, and that the major ISP’s allowed delivery of these spoofed emails to recipients.  But, whereas AOL and Gmail sent 100% of these spoofed emails to the junk mail folder where they belong, Yahoo consistently let them through to the inbox for 2% to 6% of recipients.

The spoofing attempts, which were sent to an estimated 600,000 Yahoo users during the month of January and early February, mimicked the New York Times in the email from title, but had subject lines such as “News Alert: FuckBook is Open” and “News Alert: Medz for The Whole Family”.  The table below shows the spoofing attempts and the % of Yahoo recipients that received the spoof emails in the inbox vs. the spam folder.


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