In the U.S. Civil War, the repeating rifle was a horrific shock to those who faced it on the battlefield. Confederate soldiers called it, “That damned Yankee rifle that they load on Sunday and shoot all week!” Changes such as the rifled musket and the repeating rifle, made the battle tactics of past centuries obsolete in the blink of an eye.

Everyday marketers go to war for their brands and try to fight the good fight for their stakeholders and customers. Unfortunately, too many are forced to use outdated strategy and tactics because they are still using yesterday’s technology.

We here at eDataSource have been pioneering a modern approach to Inbox Delivery Measurements by metering email campaigns successes in actual consumer inboxes, rather than by the seed based modeling method. We have time and time again shown that this kind of measurements gives us a perfectly accurate picture of each campaign’s inbox success.  However, until now, even though we have had access to significantly more ISP’s than any of our competitors, our conclusions only represented 40-50% of the B2C ISP’s delivered to, and our competitors only 30-40% at best. This basically discounted the consumer panel based approach to being a strong supplementary method, rather than a replacement of the primary approach which has until now been a less reliable seed based monitoring.

However, due to a fantastic effort from our technical team, we have increased our coverage to about 70% of all deliverable B2C emails, which is a very representative and real measurement of true inbox success. In fact, the remaining 30% are split between so many hundreds of small ISP’s that monitoring each one separately is really not worth the effort as no email marketer would change their approach to email to recover from temporary issues affecting a small fraction of their list. However, monitoring these smaller ISP’s can easily be done using seed based monitoring to spot check results, especially since those ISP’s spam fighting measures are in general of the same technical generation as the seed based monitoring itself.

It’s exciting to hear client after client state that they now completely rely on “Consumer Inbox Measurements” as not only their primary, but their only gauge of delivery success. And we are also excited to see a fundamental shift where more and more of our partner Email Services Providers use our measurements indirectly or directly in their tools to give their clients a true gauge of what is really going on with their emails.

The changes that the large ISP’s have been making to their spam fighting protocol over the last few years, have resulted in a very difficult measurement scenario, where the old seed based solution have proven to be insufficient and often misleading. You can’t win in this new digital world if you are using what amounts to an analog approach – the rules have changed and your strategy and tactics must keep pace. We are therefore thrilled to present a technologically advanced solution which goes farther and is more accurate than any measurement previously executed.

Are you still fighting the battle with outdated technology or are you mowing down the competition? Are you bringing a knife to the gunfight? We’ve got the weapons and the ammo that will win your battles and the war.

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