Leading up to a holiday such as Mother’s Day, when do email marketers start their promotional campaigns?  We took a look at the email campaign stats leading up to Mother’s Day and here are the results.  For the six weeks leading up to Mother’s day Email Analyst recorded more than 1,700 unique Mother’s Day email campaigns from 950 unique senders.

The vast majority of campaign activity was from marketers in the Flowers & Gifts market sector, but every type of email marketer, from computer manufacturers to non-profits took part in the crescendo.  Most activity took place during the last week of April and first week of May as shown in the graph above.  But the timing of email campaigns also depended on the type of offer being promoted.

JustFlowers.com was fairly typical of email marketers in the Flowers & Gifts market sector.  These marketers tended to the following pattern: early reminder, promotional sale in advance, a full price promotion with a date reminder, then an urgent last chance email blast.  JustFlowers campaigns came out as follows:

Early Reminder:
April 27: Mother’s Day is 12 Days Away
April 29: Mother’s Day Flower Sale at JustFlowers.com

Advance Promotional Sale:
April 30: JustFlowers.com Mother’s Day Savings

Full Price Promotion with Date Reminder:
May 2: Mother’s Day is 1 Week Away.  Send Mom Fresh Flowers
May 5: Mother’s Day is in 4 Days – JustFlowers.com

Urgent Last Chance:
May 8: Last Chance for Mother’s Day Flowers

Marketers in the gifts category that require more shipping lead time than flowers which benefit from local distribution followed a similar pattern a week before.  Vermont Teddy Bear is a good example:

Early Reminders:
April 19: Look for your New Mother’s Day Catalog this Week
April 21: Graduation, Mother’s Day & More – Great Gifts for Spring Occasions

Advance Promotional Sale:
April 26: 2 Days Only: 15% Off for Mother’s Day

Full Price Promotion:
May 1: See our New Bears for Mother’s Day

Urgent Last Chance:
May 4: Hurry – Mother’s Day is THIS Sunday!

The first week of April saw Mother’s Day Email Marketing Activity from marketers in the following segments: Jewelry, Flowers & Gifts, Photos and Travel.

Starting April 11, marketers of Beauty Products and Footwear joined in.

By the week of April 18 marketers in Retail, Apparel, Home Furnishings, Computers and Restaurants joined the crowd, and through May 7 the level of activity had more to do with frequency of campaigns than types of marketers.

For a complete data set on email marketing activity leading up to Mother’s Day, please contact your Email Data Source sales representative.


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