Less than a month after its launch the feedback on the new ESP Search feature in EDS Analyst has been overwhelming.

What once could have taken hours (and a long list or a great memory) can now be done in seconds.

At our clients’ request, we compiled a list of ESPs to take the time and effort out of searching for competitors’ various domains.

The client no longer has to search for, find and remember the redirect domains of their competitors. Determining the domain address and then manually searching what could be hundreds of domains has the potential to be a lengthy process. What the ESP search bar enables the EDS user to do is filter through the thousands of domains by selecting the ESP they are after. The search will provide the records of all of the different redirect domains for the company of interest; drastically reducing the time taken to perform searches and therefore making competitor comparisons faster and easier to pull.

The directory initially launched with the ESPs more prominently used, though with client requests the database has grown significantly. There are currently 23 ESPs available; Axicom Digital, BlueHornet, Bronto, Campaigner, CheetahMail, ConstantContact, Delivra, e-Dialog, eCircle, Email Direct, EmailVision, Epsilon, Exact Target, iContact, Lyris, MailChimp, MyEmma, Responsys, SilverPOP, smartFOCUS, Vertical Respose, WhatCounts, and YesMail.


Look out for more to come or send your request for an ESP to be added.


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