By John Landsman, Director of Strategy and Analytics


The conscience-fueled tug of Mothers Day may have no equal. That’s why it’s one of the key events in our commemorative calendar. We wanted to share highlights from this year’s Mothers Day email campaigns.
  • Over the past sixty days, we’ve detected over 7,700 Mothers Day related promotional email campaigns, about 8% fewer than in the comparable period last year.  For those risk-taking procrastinators, over 150 related campaigns deployed this year on Mothers Day itself.
  • More than 100 Mothers Day campaigns came from florists, over 250 from restaurants, almost 200 from food and candy brands, and over 30 from travel brands. The bulk were, of course, from retail senders.  None detected from jewelers, though. Maybe diamonds are a girl’s best friend at other times of year.
  • As with previous such occasions this year, we’ve seen relatively few Mothers Day themed campaigns from major national retail brands; e.g., Macy’s (only 7 campaigns), Kohl’s (6), Target (0), Amazon (22).
  • Average read rates for this year’s Mothers Day emails (11.6%) are about 2% lower than last year’s. For the most part, the higher read rates were associated with the more targeted sends.
  • Of this year’s Mothers Day emails:  43% had read rates exceeding 10%; 12% had read rates exceeding 20%; and only 3% had read rates exceeding 30%.
Here are subject lines and other details from examples of the highest-performing 2016 Mothers Day emails:
Fathers Day — as we will see next month — casts a somewhat smaller shadow. Stay tuned!

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