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[Infographic] The Current State of Email Marketing Strategy

Pure360 surveyed more than 600 people from a range of businesses to create this infographic snap shot on email marketing strategy.

Consumers Comfortable With Email Contact From Brands, Don’t Want Phone Calls

This survey of 20-40 year olds makes it rather clear people prefer emails from brands, rather than phone calls. Done right, email marketing is an extremely effective channel for communicating your message to consumers.

4 Cool Little Things to Do With the New Twitter Profile [SlideShare]

Twitter has made some changes to their page layout which makes your profile page much easier on the eyes and opens up some new possibilities for creative presentation. In this post, HubSpot shares some tips and tricks for your Twitter page.

Who Should Email Marketers Follow on Twitter?

Only Influencers lists the top email marketing thought leaders you should be following on Twitter. You’ll find me, Jim Ducharme also on that list. I assure you that had no bearing on the list making this post :).

21 Things You Say In Work Emails, And What They Really Mean

I thought I’d toss this one in just because the author effectively nails what “email speak” translates into around the office. You’ve seen such e-speak and I think you’ll get a good chuckle out of it.

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