Today we are pleased to be adding three new features to Email Analyst.

1. Redirect URL/Query Search
2. Saved Searches
3. Header Search

These features will allow many ESPs and customers to track email activity better; let me take a moment to review Redirect URL/Query search. I will be covering Saved Searches and Header Search in my next blog post.

Redirect URL/Query Search
Redirect URL/Query Search allows a user to search for specific text within the redirect stream (click stream). Most emails have between five and 30 links embedded within each email. Each of these links can then be “redirected” through multiple servers before landing at a final destination.

Typically, within the realm of email marketing, these servers can actually be thought of as little revenue generation machines which collect a toll for the traffic that passes through them.

The final destination is typically an offer that is presented to a user with the hope of a purchase or some type of transaction taking place.

Previously, we could search the redirect stream for just domains, but now we can search the entire URL string. This can be a very handy tool to a marketer as you can search for specific affiliate or offer id’s that your affiliates have embedded within the redirect stream.

We currently have redirect URL/Query data from the middle of May 2009 onward.

If you have access to Email Analyst and want to run this tool, please make sure you constrain your search as much as possible. We currently have over 220 million redirect urls in our system (since May 2009).

The more criteria you add (such as a date range, redirect domain and redirect URL string) will help narrow the number of emails that match and reduce the chance of a timeout).


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