Here is a list of the top 10 tweets for April, based on reach.

1. The White House: #Malaria kills ~1,000,000/yr. Here’s our 6yr strategy to fight back & #endmalaria #worldmalariaday

Total Reach: 15,407,784
Number of Times Retweeted: 1,113

2. Ryan Seacrest: you’ve seen the tweets for #worldmalariaday…take part! RT to raise awareness, donate to save lives:

Total Reach: 12,753,911
Number of Times Retweeted:400

3. Souljaboytellem: ALL my fans tweet a question here before I go to billboard today :)

Total Reach: 8,702,348
Number of Times Retweeted:71

4. TheEllenShow: If you’ve ever wondered what happens during commercial break at Idol, @RyanSeacrest & I are answering questions.

Total Reach: 7,531,218
Number of Times Retweeted:49

5. KimKardashian: I got naked for Harper’s BAZAAR! So empowering!

Total Reach: 6,926,118
Number of Times Retweeted:323

6. TheOprahShow: @KimKardashian texting and driving is outrageous…. Take our #nophonezone pledge –>

Total Reach: 5,076,569
Number of Times Retweeted: 170

7. BarackObama: RT @WhiteHouse #Malaria kills ~1,000,000/yr. Here’s our 6yr strategy to fight back & #endmalaria #worldmalariaday

Total Reach: 4,682,631
Number of Times Retweeted: 167

8. britneyspears: Are you voting for Brit in FHM’s 2010 Sexiest Women In The World? -Adam, Manager

Total Reach: 4,655,610
Number of Times Retweeted: 70

9. zappos: About to livestream our 1st #deliveringhappiness happy hour – grab a drink! 5 PM PST:

Total Reach: 4,576,656
Number of Times Retweeted: 17

10. peoplemag: Sneak Peek: Inside @Justinbieber’s PEOPLE cover!

Total Reach: 4,098,466
Number of Times Retweeted: 662


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