Email Data Source announced today the top 25 Twitter Brands for the month of April.  Email Data Source produces its Twitter brand rankings by analyzing all tweets that link back to a website, and measuring the reach of these tweets based on the follower base of all people that retweeted the original message.  Factors that contribute to the rankings are:

-Follower base of brand
-Number of tweets of brand
-Number of retweets
-Follower base of retweeters

This analysis provides a real indicator of the traffic driving capabilities of these brands through their Twitter marketing efforts.  The top 25 Twitter Brands for the month of April were:

Site                                         Rank                              1                               2                        3                      4                             5                    6                                 7                                       8                                9                            10                                11                                    12                           13                        14                                   15                            16                                    17                              18                            19                        20                              21                                 22         23                                   24                        25

For a complete listing of top Twitter Brands and the full calculations and data behind the Twitter Brand reach calculations, contact Email Data Source for a Twitter Analytics Demo.


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