Top 5 Retail Tweets for April1.       Selfridges

a.       Tweet:  People already queuing for the chance to see @DanniiMinogue tonight. Be one of the first 100 with a golden ticket
b.      Reach:  155,470
c.       Number of Retweets: 12
d.      Sent by: Selfridges
e.      Follower Count at time of Tweet: 8,926
f.        Date: 4/27/10

2.       LL Bean

a.       Tweet: @totaltangirl
b.      Reach: 91,701
c.       Number of Retweets: 0
d.      Sent by: wmag
e.      Follower count at time of Tweet: 91,701
f.        Date: 4/8/10

3.       Walmart

a.       Tweet: Remember to tune in tonight to watch the premiere of Secrets of the Mountain on NBC, 8/7 CST #SOTM
b.      Reach: 43,272
c.       Number of Retweets: 5
d.      Sent by: WalmartSpecials
e.      Follower Count at time of Tweet: 9,213
f.        Date: 4/16/10

4.       Target

a.       Tweet: Meet @sabrinasoto, our new style expert for home. She’s straight from HGTV and ready to take on a new client: you!
b.      Reach:  42,136
c.       Number of Retweets: 9
d.      Sent by: Target
e.      Follower Count at time of Tweet: 15,284
f.        Date:  4/13/10

5.       Nordstrom

a.      Tweet: From Cleopatra to Blair Waldorf, hair accessories have been a fashionista staple throughout the ages. Find yours:
b.       Reach:  36,906
c.       Number of Retweets:  5
d.      Sent by: Nordstrom
e.      Follower Count at time of Tweet: 25,641
f.       Date: 4/12/10

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