We are now following the top brands in the following Market Sectors for Twitter.

Online Shopping
Food & Candy
Home Furnishings, Fixtures & Accessories
Consumer Electronics
Sporting Goods, Recreation & Equipment
Supermarkets, Food & Drug Stores
Coffee & Tea
Home Appliances
Books & Magazines
Office Supplies, Furnishings & Equipment
Wireless & Cellular
Computer & Video Games
Gifts & Remembrances
Hobbies, Crafts & Collectibles
Pet Care & Supplies
Toys & Games
Jewelry & Watches
Computers & Software
Travel Services & Tourism
Airlines, Cruises and Transportation
Retail & Department Stores
Credit Cards
Baby & Child Care Products
Personal Care, Hygiene & Toiletries
Alcoholic Beverages
Hotels & Resorts
Performing Arts
Apparel & Fashion
Cosmetics, Fragrances & Beauty Products

The next group of Market Sectors we are working on collecting Top Brands for are:

Weight loss, Dieting & Fitness
Restaurants, Bars & Food Service

Be sure to send through any requests to alyssa@emaildatasource.com


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