One of the potential uses of data from the new Email Data Source Panel is to derive sales statistics for major internet retailers.

Following up on our iPad theme, we tool a look at what percentage of our email panalists received an email from Apple with the subject line “Thank you for Purchasing your iPad”.

From April 3rd to April 10th we record that .03% of our panelists received this email.  Half of those recipients received the email on the 4th or 5th of April.

Based on our internal estimates, an EDS panel reach of .03% corresponds to roughly 350,000 people.  In other words, we estimate that 350,000 people have received an email thanking them for their iPad Purchase.

Apple claimed 300,000 units sold on its first day, but this included the wholesale units supplied to Best Buy.  Our estimate indicates 350,000 units sold to people who gave Apple permission to email them during the first few days of iPad sales, assuming some lag from moment of sale to follow up email being sent.


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