Welcome to the Year of Enlightenment!


Yes, I know, it’s a little pretentious, but please allow me to explain. In 2013, we came a long way as an industry, not so much in how we do business or how we do email marketing, but instead by having many of us revolutionize our understanding of the competitive landscape and better utilize our current analytics tools as a basis for optimizing strategies in 2014. I would therefore dare to say that this year offers us the opportunity to maximize revenue and profits from email programs using what we learn from monitoring actual consumer behaviors and results rather than from estimates based on models that aren’t always too reliable.


Let’s start with Overlap Tracker, our email list overlap analysis tool. When we at eDataSource first introduced this product, many of our clients got a tool that helped them understand exactly how powerful their main competitors were. A tool that helped them monitor growing competitive threats over time. A tool that helped them devise strategic responses that took into consideration the percentage of their subscribers that were being directly influenced by their competitors. A tool that helped them proactively devise strategies that utilized learnings from the successes and failures of their competitors rather than just reacting to the most recent offers sent from the competition.


In fact, Overlap Tracker also helped our clients understand the unique “share of wallet” scenario for their subscribers and detect often unknown competition in the consumer inbox that was not being considered when executing general email tactics.


Another eDataSource lead industry change is our panel-based Inbox Monitoring service. Many in the industry do still strongly believe in traditional seed-based monitoring, which of course is not without its merits, especially for B2B businesses who contend more than B2C companies do with content-based spam filtering systems. However, most of us have known for a while that seed-based monitoring has been showing significantly biased results for the largest ISPs due to those ISPs shifting towards personalization and behavior segmentation in determining what emails go into which inboxes/folders.


To cover all aspects of inbox monitoring, we therefore decided last year to offer full monitoring analytics, both panel- and seed-based, and will be launching an inbox monitoring module later this year which will actually include the industry’s first panel-based monitoring of Hotmail.com/Outlook.com.


On the competitive analytics front, we have upgraded EDS Analyst Classic and NextGen to be much more user-friendly and intuitive when it comes to understanding competitors’ overall volumes, engagement metrics, ESPs used, creative images and triggered vs. promotional campaigns. We will continue to launch new modules this year with enhanced functionality to allow our clients to better monitor their own deployments as well as those of their competitors.


So, stay tuned for all the new products and services that we have in store in 2014, and thank you for being part of our journey. Without our clients, partners and friends who have helped promote our company, we wouldn’t be able to continue to build and maintain the profitable business we have today.



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