The launch of the new Email Campaign Reach and Inbox Deliverability service last week has been a big success.  We will have case studies coming out soon.  In the meantime here are some screen shots of the email panel data in Email Analyst.

This first screen shot shows a bar chart, plotting the reach of a sender’s email campaigns across our panel of 250,000 email users.  The charts can be adjusted to see a daily, weekly or monthly view of email campaign activity and reach.  Charts are also available providing email campaign stats on the reach of email campaigns per ISP.

Variations in reach are due to email list segmentation but can also indicate ISP deliverability issues.

For each of the hundreds of sending domains covered, we provide a snapshot of average email campaign reach, broken down by ISP.  We also provide inbox deliverability statistics overall and by ISP.  This is a great way for email marketers to get a quick read on potential distribution partners.  For the first time, email marketers have an independent way of determing the reach of their email distribution partners, and whether the email campaigns of their potential partners make it to the inbox or end up in the spam folder.  We also provide contact information for potential partners.

The graphs are helpful for identifying trends for your email marketing analysis, but when you want to get in to the details, you can simply view all the email campaigns from a particular sender, along with the subject line, reach and inbox deliverability.  The examples at left cover campaigns sent by JCrew over a twelve day period.  As you eyeball the email campaign reach statistics,  you can clearly see that some campaigns are being sent to a larger portion of JCrew’s email list than others.  This gives great insight into their segmentation strategies.  For more in depth analysis, all the campaigns can be exported to excel, along with the accompanying email campaign reach and inbox deliverability, broken out by ISP.  Click on the links pulls up the email creative.

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