Mike Shields posted on MediaFreak that  Kanye West and Serena Williams were in a close tie for worst behavior of the week, based on how many times their outbursts had been been watched on youtube and mtv.com.  As of 9/14 Serena had 2 million views, and Kanye had 1.3 million views.  Meanwhile Joe Wilson’s outburst was trailing way behind at only 400,000 views.

In email marketing by contrast, Joe Wilson, has been mentioned far more frequently.  We took a look at mentions of Kanye, Serena and Joe in email newsletters and here are the results for the week: Serena Williams mentioned in 94 newsletters, Kanye in 95 and Joe Wilson in…245!!!

Digging a little deeper explains the difference:  while all three of Joe, Serena and Kanye were mentioned in the standard daily and weekly newsletters of major publications such as ABC, USAToday, WashingtonPost, etc, mentions of Joe Wilson skyrocketed as part of a email blitz by politically conservative organizations such as Ameripac, Redstate.com and conservativeactionalerts defending Joe Wilson and attacking Obama and the Democrats in email blasts using lists obtained from organizations such as newt.org and the Ron Paul 2008 Presidential Campaign Committee.

Clearly Serena and Kanye win the popular vote!


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