Interesting to see how our new Twitter analytics capability isolates key influencers by market sector.  I took a look at the Apparel & Fashion sector and there are certainly people that stand out as the most influential.  While just in its infancy, our new Twitter Analytics capability shows we have recorded 575 tweets and 715 retweets of offers with links to brands in this sector during the last two weeks since we launched our Twitter Analytics capability.  It is also interesting to see that the Twitter activity closely mimics the email marketing activity in the sector (see graph).  During these two weeks, we have picked up on 530 Twitter Influencers specific to the Apparel & Fashion industry.  These are people who have re-tweeted offers that link to brands in this market sector.

When I click on the link next to Twitter Influencers, I can see a list (here to the left) of who those Influencers are.  Again, these are folks who have re-tweeted offers from brands in this sector.  At the top you have a Twitter account with more than a million followers.  Now that is someone you want re-tweeting your offers.  Farther down at the bottom I see Lucky Magazine and I can see they just re-tweeted a Calvin Klein offer for sweaters to 20,000+ people.  This is a big help to Calvin Klein, which only has 9,000 followers on Twitter.

When I zero in on Calvin Klein I can see a graph overlaying email, twitter and web traffic activity for  There is a spike on November 3, showign that a number of people re-tweeted that sweater offer, just like Lucky Magazine did.  On the right are links to show all the emails and tweets that contain links to  I can also take a look at who the Influencers are specifically for this brand by again clicking on the “Twitter Influencers” link.  Doing that reveals that there are other influencers for Calvin Klein besides Lucky Magazine.  I am shown a full list of the influencers, the number of followers they have, how many times they have retweeted CK offers, and the most recent offer they retweeted.  Amont those that retweeted the sweater offer were Lucky Magazine, “thesalerack”, NYThread, Virginianam and Marinela.  These are people Calvin Klein should pay attention to and which CK’s competitors should court!  You can get a real sense of what offers are being aided my social media by looking at this.  Lastly, I also see that another offer for 50% off all men’s and women’s hats and gloves, etc. was also a popular re-tweet.  This is an offer that Calvin Klein put out by email on November 8th and November 15th and also on Twitter.  How do we know?  Well this is still Email Data Source after all…


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